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What are people saying about us?

“What a great service Fiona offers! I am so pleased with her diligence and faithfulness. She cleans up my sermons and gives me a nice transcription that really looks good. She’s fast and accurate. The transcriptions have been a great addition to our downloads on our church website.”
-Scott Turansky | click to see our transcripts! Calvary Chapel Living Hope, Robbinsville, NJ

“I highly recommend Transcribe Your Sermon. Communication with staff was great and the finished transcription was professionally presented. FAST turnaround time!”
-Karen Nikolin | Bethany Bible Church, Phoenix, AZ

“Transcribe Your Sermon provides their services with a spirit of excellence. I have been so pleased with the transcriptions. There is never anything to correct. The transcript is precise, well presented, and returned quickly. I have a French accent and it's challenging for some of the things I say while I preach to be understood. Fiona does so without any problems and is such a blessing. Thank you! I praise God for you."
-Dr. Joelle Suel | Glory to Glory Christian Center, Aurora, CO

“I have been more than pleased with the expert work of Transcribe Your Sermon. Transcriptions are completed promptly, accurately, and at a reasonable cost. Above all, after the literary edits, the sermons are markedly better! And now those sermons are reaching a wider public for God’s glory, the large numbers of people who love to read.”
-Tim Savage | Council member of The Gospel Coalition

“Transcribe Your Sermon puts an amazing about of thought and care into their transcriptions. You get the feeling that a real human is making this the best transcription it can possibly be. They are the only company we use or recommend for transcription services.”

-Thomas Umstattd | Castle Media Group, Austin, TX

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