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Single-Speaker Transcripts

sermons | lectures

$1.50/minute of audio

Multi-Speaker Transcripts

webinars | interviews

$1.75/minute of audio

Closed Captions


$80 flat rate


Bundle Package for New Clients!*

$20 off (between 3-6 transcripts)

$45 off (between 7-10 transcripts)

$100 off (11+ transcripts)

Great for workshops, seminars, or past sermon series! 

*not applicable to closed captions

Discount for New Weekly Clients!

10% off first invoice

$5/minute over 45 minutes

If under 25 minutes, please contact for lower pricing.

If over 50 minutes, please contact to discuss optional flat fees.

First time client price stays at $80 flat rate, even if over 45 minutes.

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