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Sermons will be transcribed verbatim and then go through an editing process:

  • omit stutters, over-used words or phrases ("um," "like," "you know")

  • correct scripture references (if reference was made to 1 Corinthians, but scripture read was actually 2 Corinthians, the transcript would be revised with the latter) 

  • omit sound effects unless completely necessary for explanatory and content reasons

  • inaudible words or audio glitches will be transcribed as [garbled]


Closed Captions

More videos are including closed captions as an option to viewers. We can transcribe your video, adjust the time stamps for accuracy, and send you the .srt file that immediately adds the closed captions to the video.



Think of an article as a transcript so accurately edited that it can be printed and sent out immediately. Our editing process (see Sermons) is even more defined:

  • omits superfluous or inside jokes not relative to the content

  • sentence structure is rearranged (using your words) for better readability

  • any inaudible words or audio glitches are omitted, and sentence structure arranged for fluidity



We can transcribe a webinar that has up to three hosts. The transcript will be edited (see Sermons), specifying when each host is speaking. We can include section time stamps, if desired.



Whether it be in a seminar, classroom, or workshop setting, lectures will be transcribed verbatim. The editing process will omit laughter, applause, etc, unless you prefer it to remain in the transcript.

  • Interviews

  • Testimonies

  • Sunday School messages


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