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Transcribe Your Sermon is owned by Fiona Martinek.

Fiona's frequent travels spurred her to start this company. On the road, there is the continuous challenge of deciding where to attend worship or find a solid godly teaching on a weekly basis. She found churches that provide multiple sources for their sermons more appealing. Furthermore, one poignant phrase or idea is sometimes all that is needed to impact a life. Fiona's passion to supply a transcription service to churches flourished and Transcribe Your Sermon was formed.

Fiona holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts from Oklahoma City University. Previously a member of two liturgical dance companies, she is passionate about glorifying God through the gift of dance. Seeing firsthand through her professional career how the arts is an incredible form of communication, she has become more in tune to the ways language and writing are also used to communicate and inspire.

Initially begun solely for sermon transcriptions, over the years people have come to Transcribe Your Sermon for a variety of other services. With the trending popularity of podcasts and videos has arrived a need for article transcripts and video subtitles. Excited by the continuous need for words in print, Fiona has been able to expand Transcribe Your Sermon's services to webinars, lectures, articles, and closed captions.

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